Garrys Mod server, willing to pay $5 for support!

Hello, i have recently purchases a Garrys Mod server. I am attempting to run PERP3 on this server. I downloaded PERP3 and the SQL Tables and the content and everything I need and typed my databse info into the sv_hooks.lua and everything and cant get my Garrys Mod server working. At first i was using VGs PERP3 but i would get stuck at “Refreshing Request for SMFID…” So now i tried D3LUX’s PERP3 mod and now its not even running the gamemode for some reason? please help D: also, whenever i try to put the server on RP_EvoCity_x33 the server crashes or if i put it in the startup script the server doesnt come up even tho TCAdmin says “running” im willing to pay $5 for whoever gets my server running, once the server comes up and i probably has lots of bugs, i can probably fix all those by myself, i would just like to get the server running so i can even join my server on EvoCity while running PERP. Whoever helps will also recieve 3 months worth of VIP on the server.


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bump. plz help D:

Did you get the gamemode off Dramaunlimted? It’s filled of errors, and you need the Modules.

You say you can fix a bug ridden game mode when you cannot even get it setup.

@Greatie yes, i tried about all of em and none worked correctly :confused: thats the only place I could find PERP3 :confused: do you know anywhere else i can get it from?

@Chessnut if you dont have anything good to say just dont waste your time plz :slight_smile: