garrys mod server

i have been looking everywhere for this but cant find it again. im looking for the hlds server tool that was was made by someone here and he put them into batch files to make it easier. i tried using the normal hlds but it wouldnt work when trying to cd. thx for any help

Looked around a bit and I’m guessing this is what your looking for (there are other tools like it as well, just google around and use the search tool on facepunch as well)

But if your trying to setup a dedicated server, I would still recommend you do it manually. It’s not as hard as it sounds and the wiki page guides you along pretty nicely if your new. Helps you gain some experience and will help you out a lot more should you need to do general maintenance on your server. I have nothing against this tool or others like it, this looks very helpful but I think you would be better off figuring out the reason why its not working and continue to setup the server yourself.

If you have not seen the wiki feel free to check it out, they come in handy at times.

thank you very much