Garry's Mod servers available for 0,50 euro per slot!


Misunderstanding, moderators please delete the topic.

If you can’t even follow simple forum rules, I doubt you do a better job at hosting servers.

Now take your budget crap out of here.

The only thing budget crap here is your attitude, good sah :wink: but fair enough, this forum beat me at the game of rulebook hide and seek, perhaps it’s an idea to stick all the rules in the same place to keep misunderstandings from happening again.

Hide and a seek? It’s the sub-title for cryin out loud. Not to mention the sticky.

  • i see you snipped -

To be a picky twat, doesn’t the subtitle read as: This is for General Discussion or advertising your server host. Not for help or support?

My grasp of grammar is generally shit, but doesn’t the period make it state that it can be used for advertising your server hoster?
It is of course completely obvious that you cannot post server advertisements etc, but we should work on the assumption that people are stupid or have a base knowledge of English.