Garry's Mod Servers Explanation

I’m an avid Minecraft player who has recently picked up Garry’s Mod. The features and capability on servers that GMod has is quite astonishing, and I believe that I can make some servers like I do on other games. Being rather new to Steam, I don’t know a lot about how servers on GMod work. And let me make this clear, I’m very new to this game and, therefore, a “noob”.

That being said, if anyone could tell me: How do GMod Server’s work?

As I mentioned, I play Minecraft a lot. Generally speaking, there are 4 ways to make a server in the game.

Example of an answer I would be looking for (this is minecraft):

  1. Home Hosting
    -Run it on Command Prompt for Windows

  2. Shared Hosting
    -Websites that offer hosting on their machines (ie:

  3. VPS Hosting
    -Virtual Private Servers not afffected by other people on your machine

  4. Dedicated Servers
    -Buying your own machine (ie Intel Xeon 1230v2 32GB) and using CentOS/Linux to install various items needed to start the server.

Thank you very much for taking your time and reading this. I just need a general understanding of how servers work.

The server hosting is the same for ALL games that provide dedicated server software. Everything that you know Minecraft server hosting applies to GMod and other games EXCEPT:

Thanks for this information, Robotboy655.

So if I order from somewhere such as “” do they provide me an IP to my server? How does that work?

Yes, they will provide you with an ip that people can connect to. Choose your host wisely.