Garry's Mod Severs Open

Hey once again I’m hosting gmod severs and anyone is welcome to play. they have little to no lag when players are on, Admin will be available to buy soon at a price $5/ every two months (from the day you buy)

Game: Garry’s Mod

Map: gm_flatgrass


Slots: 15

Game Mode: SandBox

Mods: Wire, PHX, Stacker, PC Mod 1 (2 is too buggy) , Avd Dup and a few more

Game: Garry’s Mod

Map: rp_downtown_v4c


Slots: 20

Game Mode : FusionRP (DarkRP renamed)

Mods: Wire, Stacker, PC MOD 1, Avd Dup and little more

I don’t get why you would have PC Mod for a sandbox server, but the RP one seems fun, I’ll try it out some time.

…once again? You have only one post

  1. “buy admin”
  2. DarkRP

You need to make a better advertisement. Get some art going in it, post it in a better order and you’re on the right way. Having just a bunch of text with pure facts is both boring and unmotivating.

So you basically renamed DarkRP to FusionRP and thought it would make people join? How does this differ from all the other DarkRP servers? Try to explain that.

And if you want people to make less laggy stuff, add Karbine’s improved Multiparent. Most proper servers has some sort of parenting onto it so people can make proper stuff without lagging and this versions seems to be the best (thanks, Karbine!)

Also learn to spell server correctly :v:

Wait… you BUY admin? Scratch that, this is a shipwreck before it even got popular. God dammit.

Wiremod and buying admin for an RP server? Please count how many brain cells you have…if you have enough to know how to count…

Some people like the PC Mod on a sandbox I’m not sure why but hey… and cool man!, thanks

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I had a lot more before but I got deleted because I did not log in for more then a year :confused:

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What would be a better idea?

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after reading this comment not many…

Buying admin on a DarkRP server makes it a clusterfuck.

ok so I scrap the pay money for admin and figure some thing else out

But the question still remains; why would we join your DarkRP server and not one of the other million there’s around?

You don’t, its a generic one. If it wasn’t, I assure you, it would have been described in detail. To be honest I have only seen two non-generic DarkRPs…one of which is my own, the second - closed down in 09.

I know people are going to say this is dumb, but from what I’ve seen / experienced, “buy admin” sometimes is better.

Before you start getting pissed, let me explain.

Face it, most server admins are friends of the server owners, who have no real skill at being an admin, and who are completely abusive / annoying.

I noticed that those who offer buy admin, always get better admins. Here’s why: When a server owner says that abusive admins will be removed, people who have bought admin will think, “I spent my money on admin, why would I abuse and loose money?”

Sounds retarded, but that’s the way it is.

How about getting competent builders/roleplayers to admin your server?

It’s really simple, you need someone who treats GMOD as a game, doesn’t need to steal shit, and doesn’t feel the need to abuse their powers. If someone exhibits any of these three tendencies (being superserious, asking for dupes/stealing contraptions/extensively using other people’s contraptions, someone who powertrips with even a small amount of responsibility), don’t make them an admin…?

If someone is experienced at building, they know what lags and what doesn’t, and can even help people improve instead of just removing the offender. If someone is experienced at RP, they can resolve issues with RDM or… whatever you deal with in terms of RP problems in-character or out-of-character in a sensible, timely fashion.

Purchasing a rank completely ignores all of these things. Instead, you work off the assumption that if they’re responsible enough to dig up a credit card, they know what the fuck is happening on a server. That doesn’t make sense, and purchasing admin ranks has never ended well for any server I know of.

Because normally people who run these, “pay for admin” servers don’t enforce their own rules. If you get a server with an owner who cares, you don’t have any issues, because they don’t put up with the abusive crap.

CrispexOps Sestze

I would like to say I am a believer in rules if i place them i do them! I believe in the “Pay for Admin” because then you get noobs who don’t do shit and screw stuff up and then paying for the sever becomes hard and it is easier to pay for a sever with help.

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For all the hates out their thanks for the comments and I would like to say it help to see what I have screwed up!

If you would like to join my severs I would be happy to give you guys admin or VIP or what ever…

Now your offering admin to anyone, bad idea.

If I see an OP with no avatar picture, I usually do not hold their server of high standards.

Is Karbines improved multi parent good? I’ve only ever used multi parent.