garrys mod shirt

help i have a garys mod shirt that i bought off the market and today when i went to sell it it said that it is unmarketable i am very confused and would like to know if this is some kind of error or they updated it after i bought it but i really want to sell it please help

Try checking back later to see if it is marketable.

I believe it’s not possible to market something till 7 days after it was purchased.

that may be it but i dont know it does not have the red letters saying so like on normal items that do that but i will wait a few more days and then see thank you :slight_smile:

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and another thing is that i can sell the items that were bought on the same day but i cant sell that

7 day wait does not apply to the Garrys Mod TShirt… seems this shirt has been locked so that you can only sell it, if you genuinely found it…

oh my gosh that sucks XD oh well i guess that’s why the price is so high