Garrys mod shut down my pc

Hi there, ONLY if i play GMOD my computer will restart. pc specs:

If i play habbo or something els whit a client in a browser then it wont crash…

Check your CPU and GPU temperatures when playing.

how ?

I use Everest Ultimate.

ok it keeps in the 50 :stuck_out_tongue:

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going to try running gmod…

My specs are worse, i’m using a dell studio 540 slim. So it’s probably not the hardware that is bad.

whats the problem then ?

What happens when it restarts, you’re not getting any blue screens right?

As I said, check your temperatures. Most likely your CPU or GPU just overheats.

Nop, i updated my drivers ect… only when i startup gmod the temparature will be arround 90-110

I have rarely seen my temperatures above 60, and never above 75. Are you still using your stock fans?

Ill take a photo from my computer inside.

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That’s the CPU fan it seems.

As I suspected, it is a temperature problem.

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Your best bet are those forums: