Garry's Mod: Silent Hill (Short story)

A short story i made of Silent Hill… Hope you like it! :slight_smile:
It is short, confusing and scary. Also Pyramid Head is present. :stuck_out_tongue: rate and make a nice comment please!

not one comment? damn. thought u gmodders might like it :stuck_out_tongue:

Its ok. Up the graphics don’t have a lot of screenshots. Also make it with more sense and get the REAL blade of pyramid head.

Overall it was pretty good.

Was meh. Next time, get moving camera, the ‘fake’ shaky cam you used was HORRIBLE, moving the mouse and all.

The lighting was great.
You should use animations next time.
I liked the camera angles.

Not bad.

it was just me man… i didnt want to put out static camera and make a bad moving ragdol. it was more of a max payne “influenced” cartonish serie movie.

Use Moving Camera… Works the same…

Idea is good, Improve on the graphics if your gfx card can handle it. Atmosphere and light was good.

This cam tool will make this a new movie.

Ps! Almost forgot. Have an artistic:)