Garry's Mod Singleplayer Campaing

It would be really cool if Gmod had a singleplayer campaign.
Imagine: You fight with your tools against random evil forces or you must solve puzzles with the help of some tools. There could be an aircraft mission, an epic war on the ocean, huge wars combined with an epic story.

Hmm, it is rather difficult to create this; but some maps could be the base, e.g. you start on Gm_construct.

Any other ideas to make a singleplayer campaign ?

optimism is key

Why? Go play Half Life 2 or some shit. Garry’s mod is for constructing, making shit and playing games modes. And leave epic out of it, nothing is epic these days.

What about me?

What about you :smug:

Wait, nothing epic theese days ? You think so ? Well, anyway I think it would be awesome

I actually like the idea. It could be a campaign where players get two minutes to build a contraption to protect themselves from something, and get past something. It would allow for creativity, aswell as educate players in new concepts.

It’d work better if the campaign taught players how to use the game and the built-in tools to do things, a tutorial “cleverly” hidden as gameplay.

First level would deal with just getting the player used to moving around in the game, getting them used to sprinting, jumping, ducking, climbing, noclip, using the spawn menu.

Second level would have them explore some constraints to make a bridge across a gap, as complex as they want.

And so on. The main goal would be for the player to solve a puzzle however they want with any tools available to them.

Completing all the tutorials could yield the “Educated” achievement and the player would have an idea of what to do when they want to build.

Mass-spawn some laggy npcs, same goes for props and imagine you are saving the universe in your epic battles. Gmod is all about making stuff yourself - you got all the tools and materials you need to set off on your campaign-making campaign.

Go play HL2 without spawning anything, use the toolgun to bring as much shit with you for the fun of it.

Plays HL2 in Gmod Spawns a bunch of barrels until I am on top of a strider attaches a bunch of balloons Strider flys Me: Done :smiley: wait I spawned a bunch of things -.-

I think the story should ‘‘simulate’’ multiplayer, but with a backstory, think like war of the servers

That actually sounds pretty good.
Plus it’d help in some things. For example, I’ve been playing the game for probably 2 years now, and still whenever I try to make an elevator it spazzes out in mid-air.
Teaches how to make simple vehicles, elevators, forts, turrets, etc.

I was going to avoid saying that, but now I must…

Make a story where a player goes through a camapign as an Admin GI in WoTS and has to protect himself, and others from mingebag onslaughts and is given missions such as killing mingebags while other admins build a barricade with already spawned props (Co-op?)…

Why hasn’t anyone actually ever thought of a Garry’s Mod campaign?

Oh like you’re a person dodging bans?

Then Garry’s Mod would stop of not having a main objective in the game, and no longer would be sandbox.

I actually like this idea. It allows some thought to be put in a game, where I think many games are lacking.

You act as if garrysmod has always been sandbox.
Dogfight: Arcade
And a bunch more gamemodes have predefined game goals, why not just add a single player campaign anyways?
Either way, half the point, if not the point of gmod is to be creative, adding a singleplayer campaign will not only still be to the point but it will help new players discover what they can do with gmod.

Don’t you mean everything is epic these days? :rolleyes:

I think something along the lines of a puzzle campaign could be fun.

Using tools to solve puzzles etc. You could easily do that if you were good at making maps.