Garrys Mod skinning ragdolls not working

Hi, I have a skinning issue. When I skin a prop in Paint.NET, the texture reloads in garrys mod, and i can see the new texture on the prop just fine.
However, when I edit the texture of a ragdoll skin, Gmod reloads the texture, but it does not display the new skin. What is the issue here?

And yes I do my skinning while in-game.

Is the ragdoll set to use the right skingroup? Are you sure you’re editing the right texture file? You could also try using mat_reloadallmaterials in console.

I am sure of such you’ve said. Ill try the console command, and thanks.

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UPDATE: Unfortunately the console command did not work. is it a problem that the model im skinning
has more than one skin?

That’s my best bet. You could try changing the skingroup back and forth, but I have no idea if that’d work.

Unless the model is set up to work with skin groups (which is something that needs to be set up prior to compiling the model, if I remember correctly), it won’t work. Considering that the OP’s situation sounds like they’re trying to make the newer skin work as a separate skin group, they may have to decompile the model and edit the .QC in order to make it accept the other skin as part of a skin group.

I was actually going to make it a retexture then hex it later.