Garry's mod Sourceban [HELP]

I’m trying to get sourceban to work i have it connected to mysql database but when i do !menu with ulx ban my self for 5 minutes it does nothing it disconnects me but i can instantly reconnect also it doesn’t show im banned on the sourceban website on my localhost
sourcebans.lau - config

--[[ Config ]]--
local config = {
    hostname = "";
    username = "root";
    password = "password";
    database = "banned";
    dbprefix = "sb";
    website  = "";
    portnumb = 3306;
    serverid = -1;
    dogroups = false;
    showbanreason = false;


	~ Sourcebans Setup Example ~
	~ Lexi ~
sourcebans.SetConfig("hostname", "");       -- Database Hostname
sourcebans.SetConfig("username", "root");            -- Database Login name
sourcebans.SetConfig("password", "password");                -- Database Login Password
sourcebans.SetConfig("database", "banned");      -- Database 'database' or 'schema' selection
sourcebans.SetConfig("dbprefix", "sb");           -- Prefix for tables in the database. (This example would say your tables are called sbans_bans and so on)
sourcebans.SetConfig("portnumb", 3306);	             -- Database Port number
sourcebans.SetConfig("serverid", 1);                 -- The ID given to this server by the SourceBans website
sourcebans.SetConfig("website", ""); -- The URL where people can find your sourcebans install (Do not put http:// or the kick reason will break!)
sourcebans.SetConfig("showbanreason", false);        -- Show the ban reason in the kick message. Do not use if you do not have gatekeeper installed or you will crash people sometimes.
sourcebans.SetConfig("SuperAdmin", false);             -- Set user groups or not. Set this to false unless your admins are in a servergroup called 'Admin' and your superadmins are in 'SuperAdmin'.




sban command failed

you got the gmsv_mysqloo module installed?
probably not.

get it here:
Theres also a guide, how to install

that’s one thing i didn’t get thanks dude :slight_smile: i’ll try it out when my girlfriend gets her ass out of bed so i can start my servers lol

Hey it still doesn’t work?? i done something wrong i guess it’s not adding them to the site when i ban them

It can’t find gatekeeper.lua, the error is pretty self explanatory

i fixed that error but its still saying not connected i updated the pics.

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