Garrys Mod Sources

I am very close to buying gmod, but i saw that you needed a source game to play gmod. I have tf2, since its f2p. will that count as a source? And can i play it with that source? EDIT: Will i be able to use weapons with just the tf2 source?

Weapons aren’t directly included. And to be honest you will see some errors because most people have content such as Counter-Strike: Source. If you have the money, it’d be best to get the orange box and the Gmod + CSS package.

Almost every server and map needs content from CSS so not getting it’s a bad idea

Also Episode 2 content is used occasionally

Ok well i have a few addons that i found for garrys mod and i wanted to know what source i needed to play it.

Thats pretty much all of it, so please tell me what i need to run it if you now.

Well, I have the same question.
Can I play Gmod with F2P TF2? I don’t care about CSS

You can, you’ll only have the HL2 content and TF2 only, but yeah, it should