Garry's Mod Spacebuild Project - 2016 General Thread

**Garry’s Mod Spacebuild Project 2016 Thread (V10)

Build spaceships and land on distant worlds, perhaps building settlements or space stations. It comes with one demo map which includes all of the near-solar terrestrial planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth(and Moon), Mars(and moons.) Gravity only applies when standing on a planet, and the Moon has less than half normal gravity. Mercury is so close to the sun that you will receive burning damage if you do not find shade quickly. It is difficult to build due to the planet's instability causing frequent tremors. Venus has such a heavy atmosphere that you will be instantly crushed if you venture onto the surface without a Life Support System(Air Exchanger) to stabilize your atmospheric pressure. Both Earth and Mars have regular day and night cycles, though Earth's atmosphere is so thick that you cannot see anything in space during the daytime, while on Mars you can faintly see the outline of objects and other planets in the ruddy daytime atmospheric haze.

**Spacebuild now has its own forums, check it out and do things!**

**This thread is for general Spacebuild, and SBEP stuff!
Hey everyone, we’re bringing Spacebuild and SBEP back again! And it gets a new thread too!

We are looking for more coders and just generally more people for the new community.

We know spacebuild is old but we’re making a comeback and hopefully you all approve and join in with us!


SB3 and SBEP are now both on the workshop! work continues on both and the new spacebuild!

**Spacebuild 3:


(May 31st 2016)


RD Valves now duplicate links correctly 
RD Valve Tool repaired
removed environment lua error spam for climate regulators and gas compressors
fixed logic cases being deleted by admin cleanup*

**Workshop: ****( We recommend that you use git clone or svn checkout over this!)

Download ZIP ( We recommend that you use git clone or svn checkout over this!)

** Download

A lot of people seem to browse around there so I figured people might like it there since the maps are there as well :wink:
The download link is connected directly to GitHub’s download zip function, so that will always contain the latest version as well.


(June 4th, 2016)

*Removed broken SBEP motd menu
Parts Spawner works in singleplayer now
Shift+Right click now toggles between part spawner and part assembler respectively


**Workshop: ****( We recommend that you use git clone or svn checkout over this!)

Download ZIP ( We recommend that you use git clone or svn checkout over this!)

Github Clone or SVN Checkout

Spacebuild: git clone

Spacebuild Enhancement Pack(SBEP): git clone

Clone both as you would a normal Garry’s Mod Addon and put it under


And just load up a spacebuild map and you’re good to go!

**Some SB Maps


*Some more maps on the Workshop! *


The Old Wiki!**

**Current Contributors ( List will be updated as more join in! )


SnakeSVx (SB2DevTeam)

Credit still goes to all the developers that has ever contributed to either Spacebuild or SBEP
You can see them here :

Thanks Everyone and we hope you enjoy our new efforts to keep Spacebuild alive!

Helping out

If you would like to help, just visit the issue below on GitHub and leave a comment or fork the repository and do some pull requests!

Current contributors:

Bugs and Issues
If you’re having issues with either Spacebuild or SBEP, please visit the issue trackers linked below

For issues with Spacebuild, please use;

For issues with SBEP, please use;

Spacebuild and SBEP is now licensed under Apache License Version 2.0. If you would like to read the license check here!

– SB Development Team

As someone who never got to experience SB before it’s death-by-yogscast, I’d love to see popular again.

I was looking to play on a spacebuild server the other day and couldn’t find a single one with players

Seeing this brings so much memories back that I have of Spacebuild. This truly is something that’s typical Garry’s Mod, something I missed badly!

Maybe doing this will bring the playerbase back ;D

Updated OP, repositories moved to the organization under , update your repositories to use the ones here if you want to! The old one still redirects ;D

Edit: Here is a proper link to the spacebuild filtered workshop maps;

– General Wrex

Death by Yosgcast? When did this happen? I remember playing SB2 a long time ago, and when SB3 came out publicly I was so hyped.

Back when I first learned of Spacebuild (post death) I asked around as to what happened to it and was told the yogscast flooded and/or killed it. Apparently that wasn’t entirely (if at all) the yog’s fault though as stated by some of the other’s posts.

Wasn’t entirely sure how a player flood killed it but w/e.

All I know is that it was literally left untouched for up to almost 5 years. I just re-fueled the fires that went out, I know nothing about how the fuel ran out :wink:

A big thanks goes out to X-Coder and thrimbor for those initial contributions this year that made this possible yet again :wink:

– General Wrex

I’ll check it out when I get relieved from my study, could be later today!

Can we try to avoid having huge model packs as dependencies?

The beauty of SB2 was its simplicity and quick download times. The longer a player has to wait to connect, the less likely they are to remain interested.

Also, I’ll just leave the link to “Spacebuild Factions” (based on SB2 and GM13) over here - just in case anyone wants to try it out. It contains mapping instructions for those who might want to make a SB map (v2 and v3) or a Spacebuild Factions map if they want to use it for Aliens vs Humans.

I just figured, I have foley editting & designing experience. I could try to modernize some bits of Spacebuild by the means of reskinning. If you guys are interested, where do I sign up?

I just updated the OP with how and where to contribute ( whoops! ) , here is a quick link to the github issue :slight_smile:

What I personally don’t like about SB3 and SBEP is that it tends to screw up singleplayer sessions often. I mainly build in singleplayer due to crashhappy servers and lag and in some sessions, I either died from a lack of oxygen or too low temperature without even noclipping out of the map.

This happens on non-SB maps as well as on SB maps. And I also second the idea of moving away from depending on massive addon packs (I’m looking at you CAP…).

I didn’t test it yet but one should be able to reduce the loading time by mounting the addons while ingame, or better yet on demand.

We will try to get everything into a single shop addon if possible, if not on SB3 then we will TRY to make it a single addon for the new SB :wink:

The workshop branch was tested and merged into master, we’re almost ready to put it up!

– General Wrex

Please, for the love of everything that’s holy to us - Don’t make it a workshop addon, keep it on Github. It’s gonna be a big one if you wanna keep it at one level with SB3+SBEP+CAP in terms of prop/model/feature amount, as big as ACF if not bigger than that.

You will regret having it on workshop. Also, about building: What should I keep in mind when building a spaceship? I’d like to volunteer for testing when it’s up but aside from making cars, bikes, boats, planes, podracers, helicopters, karts and such where the body is simply parented without any constraints or such, I don’t have much experience that could be applied to SB building

you guys are absolutely amazing!

Workshop provides easier access, that way people who want to try it out can easily get it from the workshop and see if it’s their thing, without having to do the entire process of downloading it manually. I don’t think anyone would find it terrible to download three Workshop items related to Spacebuild; as long as the Workshop item is up to date and looks neat, I don’t think it’d be a problem.

But updating it is a hassle because the whole thing has to be packed and uploaded whenever there’s a change in the files. Using an SVN client, one has to download the thing only once and then run SVN update on the folder to download just what has actually been changed or updated.
And using Tortoise or any other SVN client for that matter, should be pretty basic knowledge anyway as there are numerous addons which are best managed via Github.

The mod should definitely be on workshop the more exposure the better. Honestly there is not one good reason to not want it on the workshop.

unless of course you dont have legit gmod