Garry's Mod: Speedpainting

Yes, i was bored.
It took me about an hour to figure out how to draw him perfectly.

By the way: who is “him” ? First one gets a cookie. :smiley:

I hope you like it :wink:

Nice. But you could have coloured the blocks first then stacked them. Would’ve saved time.

I tried that, but for some reason the material was’nt the same, so i did it manually.
I don’t see the screen as a part of the speed painting. I just wanted to show how I made it. :wink:

“Him” is Link. The earthquake at the end was cool. Nice job on the drawing, too.

Good job.

The character is Link from Legend Of Zelda series. Instead of a cookie, can I get the name of the song? :3:

I was gonna say Link but then I saw the comments. Too late.

It says what song it is in the beginning of the video…

Very nice, but I still think the “scenes” after 03:05 are pretty unnecessary.

Mother fucking epic, dam that’s just awesome

I just freaked out a bit, that i finally did it without a mistake :slight_smile:

that was really cool.

Very creative. Good job!

unoriginal character is unoriginal

That’s a really weird version of Phantom, what is it?

Its teh LeenK!!! :smiley:

Now re-build it with the shit you earthquaked to the floor.

thanks for bumping this year old thread.


Nice job. But I didn’t see any real need for the bombs/explosions at the end…

Wish I had time to do this shit. I have like a 5 second attention span :v: