Garrys mod + SRCDS Dedicated server optimization

Server OS: CentOS release 6.5 (Final)
Processor: Core I7-4770 3.4 HyperThreading
Ram:16 gb
Game: Garry’s mod
Start Up Command: ./srcds_run -console -game garrysmod +maxplayers 32 +exec “server.cfg” -port 27015 +map “rp_downtown_evilmelon_v1” -authkey 4F667EF47C93B8********8BE0022256 +host_workshop_collection 187103732
Admin Mods: Ulx

Hi! I have 2 servers Garry’s mod and they have strongly lag when they play people. But I have seen many servers garry’s mod, which does not lag in online in 72 people. Those servers achieve this optimization? Tried to make the RT kernel, but that does not solve the problem. A lot of time spent on this forum studying information on this issue, but the whole or outdated or useless. I hope very much for your help. thank you

Ive run Garry’s Mod servers on an old IBM laptop with about 2 GB of ram and its held 8-12 players without lag. Its perhaps your internet?

On my Servers played 38 players. For 30 minutes on the server appear large lags.
In the BIOS Hyperthreading disabled. CPU overclock.

You could also try to lower your tickrate. Many bigger servers have done that.

Did you can help me with that? I told the server configuration
100 mbit channel

It’s not related to your bandwidth. -tickrate 33 in your start-up line.


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Have you actually tried the tickrate option?

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Yes, I added this option to the startup line, but it’s not much help

If your server can’t handle 32 players with 33 tickrate and those specs, there’s something seriously wrong with what you have on your server or how it’s set up.

for example? What depends on tickrate? How to pick the best value?
P.S. We change OS and install Windows server 2008 r2.
Everything got worse…

Go in-game, type net_graph 3 in console, walk around a bit, take a screenshot and post it here.

In an attempt to improve performance on a server sharply decreased the number of players.
Now on server DarkRp 2 people not including me.
Online history you can see here:

  1. Standing on the site
  2. I walk
  3. I fly

Rain started

Rain turned off

The area in front of the police station (Rp_Downtown_Evilmelon)

  1. The police station
  2. A little farther

Sat in the car

In the car in front of the police station

So are you lagging in terms of everyone moving in a weird way or lagging as in frames per second? Because for what I can see it’s your frames per second being 11, not something else.

However, so much red in your net_graph can never be good.

His ping is really low, theres no packet loss. The red in that graph is caused by entities, try loading up gm_flatgrass and seeing if it lags when you move around on that.

-snip nope wrong never mind-

I installed ubuntu 14.04 and the server has been running for 12 hours without lag.
I also added “-tickrate 33” to the command line and it seems to be a little help.
net_graph 3 has become very different from what was previously
But I am still interested in how KDGaming optimized their servers.
If anyone can give me a link to the page administrator of KDG on CoderHire or Srcds.Com or Facepunch.Com, then throw it to me, please. I will be very grateful

Your net_graph indicates no issues with the server whatsoever. Do you see the blue line at the very bottom of it? If there appears red spikes there, the server is lagging OR your connection to the server is being interrupted, but as far as I can tell, there was no issues with your server but rather your client.