Garrys mod srcds mysql can't setup errors

I have been having nothing but problems, I got to the point where it was saying ./ invalid ELF header, then I tried your some different’s files, and now it loads up to the point where it tries to connect to a database, and then prints “Error connecting to DB:” and stops the srcds and restarts it, and will never connect.
I am totally lost, and do not know what to do…
system info
OS: Ubuntu 10.04lts 64Bit
running latest version of mysql, Srcds (with tf2 gmod css hl2 ep1 &2 installed)
I have the gm_tmysql_linux.dll in the lua/includes/module folder, and I am trying to link perp 1.0 to the mysql database.
any help will be greatly appreciated.

This error is very interesting and causing from what I can tell, lots of problems.

Try this for the libmysqlclient16 64-bit ELF Error.

sudo apt-get install -y ia32-libs
wget -c
mkdir mysql32
sudo dpkg --extract libmysqlclient*deb mysql32
sudo mv mysql32/usr/lib/* /usr/lib32/
sudo ldconfig

Use the boost version of tmysql and install the boost libraries.

sudo tar -xf boost.tar
sudo mv libboost* /usr/lib32/
sudo ldconfig