Garry's Mod Srcds Server help

Hello all, I used to run a gmod srcds server just fine without trouble, and I stopped for a while. Today I decided to get it back up again. However this time after I installed everything I found that only I could connec to it when everyone else tried, they said the server was not responding or that th connection failed after 4 tries. I have both TCP and UDP ports 27015 opened and I am running gmod on one machine and the server on a seperate but on the same network and the machine running the server is connected to the router with an ethernet cord. my router is a NETGEAR WNDR3400v3. Please help and if there is any other information you need, tell me.

–Thank you all! Kimzey

Anyone have any ideas?

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please help?

I may seem inpatient but thats because I need to start the server soon, con someone PLEASE HELP???

Stop bumping your thread.

but one suggestion i have is make sure your router is forwarding your ports to the servers local ip. typically the router is, but your computer is on the network. set the local ip in the port forwarding setting the the servers local IP.

That would be where it says internal ip address right?

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There are also external and internal starting and ending ports. Should I make those the same or different?

Local ip = internal
Keep external ports and internal ports the same