Garry's Mod Starship Troopers!

It was sort of hard to do due to some noticable lag. I should probably learn source recorder sometime lol. But it took around 2-3 days to film and edit and it was pretty fun.

Yeah it’s a promo thing, but how is it? Comments/suggestions please so I can improve :smiley:

8/10. You did a fantastic job with this, bro. It was interesting, and at the same time a great promotion towards your server. Obviously some of it was stylized just for the sake of being cinematic, but it was a joy to watch nonetheless. My only suggestion was you could have made more dynamic camera angles aside from just panning from side to side and forward and backward.

Where can I get the downloads and such required for your server? It actually looks like a lot of fun.

Yeah, I really want to use demo smoothing with source recorder rather than be stuck with fraps and gmod_camera all the time.

For the server there’s 3 downloads required (Content Base + Update 1 + Minipatch) and a list of optional seperate map downloads incase you have or don’t have some of them.

They’re all addon format, though you can go through them and install what you think you don’t have or because you don’t want to overwrite some current skins of some popular addons. (IE Combine Mech or D9 Vehicles which still retain their original addon folder name)

Otherwise it’s a semi-serious roleplay sort of deal, without most of the drama.

I’m hoping on continueing with more in the future.

Edit: you can grab the stuff via forums > newsdesk > stickied content thread :v

Sign me up for the Mobile Infantry.

“I’m doing my part!”

That was a fantastic promo. I rarely, if ever, visit this section but that was well made. Great work.

i will join the war. i need web site address, list of models required. i already have the mass effect, mech and district 9 ones. and server IP

i am very interested in this. good job advertising

Fantastic job dude.
Have a drink in celebration.

Whoa that was pretty awesome, I’ll definitely check this out

where on the site do i download the maps/models?

Pretty awesome i might play this lol

That was really good man, makes me wanna go play some Star Ship Troopers. Man I loved that movie.

It would be a shame not to post on this awesome video

This is awesome and im defiantly going to join.

And they said RP on gmod was dead.

you know what nukaka, you honestly just made me want to go play this. And is that not what this is for? fucking 10/10. Sign me up for the goddamn mobile fucking infantry.

Awesome, but for sure it’ll be boring as fuck rp’ing with action rarely.

That was fucking cool.

Holy fucking shit that was awesome movie, if you guys have alot of action in your Rp I’ll definitely join to Mobile Infantry. But where are your Moritas…