Garrys mod startup crash on blue loading screen.

Hello, I have had Garry’s mod for months and never been able to get past the first loading screen, I have tried downloading tf2/cs:s, verifying integrity, I added -w 1024 -h 768 -windowed -autoconfig -sw to launch options, disabled antivirus. I’ve searched every thread with this problem and nothing seems to work. Does anywhere know where I can post my minidump file and if anyone can read it?

Try to run “Verify integrity of game cache” under Library>Garry’s Mod>Options>Local Files

I’ve done that :, also my specs if anyone needs to know.

upload your minidump to mega or something

This should work

GDump Processor, nicely provided by Python1320

So does this tell me anything about why its crashing? I see its Thread 0, but i have no idea what it means.

Try -dxlevel 95 launch parameter, you are using DirectX 8 in that crash log.

Update your directX and video card drivers if needed.

Just wanted to update, I put -dxlevel 110 to try and run the game in DX11, and also updated my video card drivers to the newest beta version neither of which work. Is there any other way :?
Updated dump file, looks like it got farther.