Garry's Mod startup gone wrong!!

When ever i start up garry’s mod my computer automatically puts it in to the lowest resoulution, now im not sure if it my computer that is doing this or the updates for garry’s mod i have all of them just in case your woundering.

i have changed the startup props but none of that seems to be working (changing from maximised window to normal) all i did.

Plz help!

I do not understand. This is not the help board. The help board is up there ^.

look it is in the right place coz it’s going to become a disscusion anyway who cares where it goes as long as it gets an answer to it

still read the stickie all the way at the top

Since that was your second post i’m going to assume you didn’t read that fancy little sticky up there. :colbert:

what little sticky? i don’t see any sticky, sorry this is my first post

Go to Options > Video > Change the resolution.

ummm… this happens when i entered -dxlevel 80 in launch options, change 80 to 90

What are your launch options? Because they are most likely to blame.

Also, if you have one, post your autoexec.