Garry's Mod Startup issues - Windows 10

So, just updated to Windows 10 earlier today.

Downloaded Garry’s mod, but when I try to start the game, it crashes instantly.

Nothing loads up, it just sets me as playing Garry’s Mod, then a few seconds later, back to online.

had some .mdmp files in my Garry’s Mod folder.

Verified game cache, restarted steam, restarted computer, I have the latest directX and nVidia drivers.

Am I missing something? I’ve not found anything else online to do with Windows 10 and GMod.


Yeah, you are crashing in nvidia’s drivers as far as I can tell.

The problematic file: nvumdshim.dll

Are there any known issues with the current latest drivers?

I’m running on a laptop with optimus if that makes any difference. I have both the latest drivers for the Intel HD chip and my nVidia chip.

The latest driver version for my video card is 353.62, which is the Win10/Win8.1/Win8/Win7/WinVista/WinXP game ready drivers, which I haven’t installed ( and neither have I tried Windows 10 yet )

Yeah, seems like that driver is the one I possess.

The nVidia control panel seems to crash on the Manage 3D Settings view, maybe the issue is linked.

Edit: Seems I get the issue with CS:S aswell.

Well as I said, it is a problem with the drivers. You can either try using older version of the drivers or try somehow reporting the issue to nvidia. I mean their software crashes, that is most definitely not normal.


Tried downgrading the drivers, still nothing.

For now I’ve had to disable my nVidia chip, and just run of the Intel HD. Guess I’ll have to wait for a fix from nvidia.

Wait so, when you originally posted this, you were on the latest driver?

Yes I was, and now since then, there’s been another update, but I’m still experiencing the same problems.

Can you change the shadow settings from high to medium level and try to play ? I’m curious if you got the same problem as me with mobile graphic cards.

Download Drivers 352.86 from here. then go back to your GeForce Experience and update once it’s done. The Windows 10 NVIDIA driver it came installed with is broken.