Garry's Mod Stock Exchange - V2

The server the site was running on died and at the time I didn’t have the time to fix it. I’ve now got it running on a much more stable platform (the same one is running on) and don’t expect it to have any issues - we’re back for the long run.

Garry’s Mod Stock Exchange is a game based around the real stock market (in that it follows the way real exchanges work, matching buy and sell orders for stocks), with a Garry’s Mod flavoured twist.

The game is played by buying and selling stocks to raise your account value and cash. Buying and selling at the right time is the key. If people dislike a stock, they sell it for less money and the stock price drops, and conversely, if people like a stock, they will pay more money for it and the stock price rises. This is the way the real life stock market works too. You will also receive dividends for any stocks you own that have a value of $30.

Currently there are few stocks on the exchange; Facepunch Studios (FP), Garry’s Mod (GMOD), Rust (RUST), Empyrean Gaming (EMPG), and Equinox Studios (EQNX), as well as a few user made stocks. You can also apply for your own stock to be made for your company/community/server once you have $5000 (or whatever is stated at cash in your account, or see the point below.

It doesn’t cost any real money to play or trade stocks. It’s free and always will be. You will not be able to buy any more game currency. I may allow companies/communities/servers to buy a stock on the exchange - get in touch if you’re interested.

The site first opened nearly a year ago and had a number of bugs which have been fixed now. It’s possible there are still other bugs though, so please let me know if you find any more. There are a number of enforced game rules in place to help stop market manipulation, but feel free to manipulate it as you see fit. I won’t penalise anyone found exploiting the market unless it completely ruins the game for everyone else.[/t] [t][/t] [t][/t] [t]

If you played last time, unfortunately not. If you had your own stock previously you won’t have any starting cash but will have 1000 of your stocks to sell (valued at $1 each).

I have plans to do the following in the short term.

  • Make an API so in-game and other website integrations would be possible.
  • Do the graphs again to be more sexy. They’re currently static images but canvas/javascript would be much nicer.
  • Friend leaderboards (so you can your friends can compare your account values and cash balances instead of globally).
  • Fix any bugs as they come up.
  • Have a suggestion? Let me know!

Possibly. Maybe. You’ll have to be quick or be the friend of someone who is quick. Each invited person can invite 3 more (and get $1000 for doing so!), feel free to post your invite links in the thread.

Referral links:

Edit: The market’s kinda stuck because there’s basically no stocks available for purchase.

Give it time. There’s 20000 of GMSE available and 1000 of the others. We’ll have to wait for the owners of the other stocks to put them up for sale.

transfer SFOD over to me and I’ll sell 'em

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Also, for anyone not sure if they want to join this or not: Join early. The stock market is basically a pyramid scheme and the people who join the earliest win.

here’s a few referrals:

was 2nd on leaderboard for a while, can’t tell if i’m good or if no one’s playing

And to think I could keep myself busy in the down time of school days, but it seems its blocked on the Wi-Fi. Love the idea and concept behind it though.


Darn you Matt, you kicked me off #1 for value.

This is interesting. I like it.

have some referral links since none of my friends are going to find this interesting

Send to a friend and receive $1,000.00!
Send to a friend and receive $1,000.00!
Send to a friend and receive $1,000.00!

Btw I wouldn’t invest in GMSE if I were you guys (if you intend to make some cash). With 20k shares and each significantly smaller share still costing the same as one of the larger shares* (on the 1000 tot. vol. stocks), it’s unlikely that the price will go too terribly high.

*Initially speaking. All the stocks started at 1$ a share.
[sp] Note: All I know about stocks is basically buy early and buy low then sell high later. I really don’t know much else so the above may be completely inaccurate. [/sp]

Is it me or is the site a bit slow?

Send to a friend and receive $1,000.00!

Send to a friend and receive $1,000.00!

Send to a friend and receive $1,000.00!

Holy crap: Jamie just went from brand new, to top of the leaderboards with 10k+ (value), then immediately to 0 account value and funds.

Also, I still have this link available:

he had 500 stocks in ScriptFodder, with it’s value at $13 right now that’s an easy $6500

It’s gone up alot but I have a feeling that it will lose value soon. Not sure if I should sell…

How’d he get over 10% of the total shares?

He was the original owner of SFOD shares before I moved it to Matt, but I forgot to remove Jamie’s shares.

Ey I got in

Can we add a stock for Black Mesa and Aperture Science, except you’ll actually get paid for buying the Black Mesa stock.