Garry's Mod Stock Exchange

Garry’s Mod Stock Exchange is a game based around the real stock market (in that it follows the way real exchanges work, matching buy and sell orders for stocks), with a Garry’s Mod flavoured twist.

The game is played by buying and selling stocks to raise your account value and cash. Buying and selling at the right time is the key. If people dislike a stock, they sell it for less money and the stock price drops, and conversely, if people like a stock, they will pay more money for it and the stock price rises. This is the way the real life stock market works too.

Currently there are few stocks on the exchange; Facepunch Studios (FP), Garry’s Mod (GMOD), Rust (RUST), Empyrean Gaming (EMPG), and Equinox Studios (EQNX). More will be added over time for Garry’s Mod related entities. You can also apply for your own stock to be made for your company/community/server once you have $5000 cash in your account.

Not a penny. We may take donations in the future to support hosting but more virtual money cannot be bought or given.

Although the site is still being developed and tested, it’s functional (as far as I know, please report any bugs). Everything is subject to change, and beware that your stocks and cash could be lost if things go horribly wrong.[/t] [t][/t] [t][/t] [t]

Possibly. Maybe. You’ll have to be quick or be the friend of someone who is quick. Each invited person can invite 3 more (and get $1000 for doing so!), feel free to post invite links in the thread.

More invites!

how can we expect to ever make $5000 if there’s barely any stocks to buy/sell from

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You should allow me to integrate the currency into for betting on which addon will rise to the top :v:

                 **Send to a friend and receive $1,000.00!**
                 **Send to a friend and receive $1,000.00!**
                 **Send to a friend and receive $1,000.00!**

This sounds like an over complicated simulation, but I like the idea :slight_smile:
Nice work as always!


This looks like a fun idea. I recall there being a similar addon being made in the past, but this one looks better.
What plans do you have for this? Is it going to be the next pointshop where people use earned money for things in game? Or is this going to be something play around with and try to be the best broker?


pfft, Map in a box, I’ll ask stupid questions if I want.

Sounds like fun!

Edit: Help a brotha out

Enjoy my cocksucking invites

take them! take them all!

Can you only have one pending buy order?

Per stock from what I can tell?

There all gone!

Send to a friend and receive $1,000.00!

Send to a friend and receive $1,000.00!

Send to a friend and receive $1,000.00!

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make me rich nerds

The website works really well

Anyway have some more invites

Send to a friend and receive $1,000.00!
Send to a friend and receive $1,000.00!
Send to a friend and receive $1,000.00!

Take them!

Here you go everyone

Click it while it’s hot!

So how can i add my own stocks? I have $5k

edit: or does $5k need to be in cash, and then there will be an option somewhere to create stocks?

Should you find the link (it’s in an obvious place) then apply away!

I have a feeling that the FP stock will soon crash. Just look at its growth.