Garry's Mod Storytelling - Tell stories from Garry's Mod

Have a story from a Garry’s Mod RP Server? TTT? GMStranded? Other random gamemode…?
Feel free to share it here, instead of the STGYM:GMod thread. It can be as simple as a text story, or you going into depth and giving the whole shabam of typing a Google Doc, and writing up a novel about this odd game.

I was planning on writing a fictional book based off some of the events called “Doomfort” but never got around to it. Either way though… Post some stories guys!

Once, I played on a random GMStranded server.
I’ve played there for 1 hour before I realised that it was a russian server.
When some guys came to my village, they started talking to me in russian and after a while I got banned for not being able to speak it… I don’t know how could I not notice that it was a russian server, even thought the water was changed to “Bottled Vodka”

Some DarkRP server…

This is a story of a man named SkitZ. SkitZ was the mayor. He was doing his average job in the high building of the nexus. In evocity. Than this weird feeling came one day. Something that would forever change him. He stared at the glass.Unable to move.
A sniper was hunting him. He stepped out of his chair and ran. Ran to the elevator. Rush rush rush! Than he went down. Relieved and than he was surrounded.
They were upon him.

The end.

in the beginning there was only Garry. Garry was lonely floating around in the empty cosmos that is unmodified hl2 so he decided to begin creating a universe of his own.
And lo, the great lord garry commandeth ‘herp de derp’ and thus the physics system was brought into being.
On the second day of creation garry looked down upon his realm and saw that not enough derps were being herped. ‘let there be faggots’ commandeth he, and thus mutiplayer was born. On the third day of creation the faggots complained that there wasnt much to do besides build and herp derps.
Garry in his infinite compassion bestowed upon them lua so that they may meld and shape the universe to suit their own needs without the great lord Garry’s constant supervision. And thus from this holy tapestry of derps, faggots and shitty code the great land of Gmod was born and everybody lived happily ever after.

The end

holy shit I remember when you told this story on my teamspeak, it’s a pretty good read if you think it’s tl;dr.

Last night, on Fisheater’s Roleplay, we became Auctioneers.
Our wares, cars!
How’d we get them? We gunned their owners out of them and stashed them in a building until someone paid us to get it back! 90% of the time last night it was a mod paying top dollar just to have someone else’s car. It was a blast.

On a dark rp server I once became a soccer balls salesmen by spawning soccer balls and renting them out. I also spawn the raw model of a printer and run around. Eventually someone kills me to steal it, and I undo the prop to leave them confused

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme plays
Now, this is a story all about how my life got flip-turned upside down, and I’d like to take a minute, just sit right there, I’ll how I became the prince of a town called Ban-Land.

In west RP downtown, born and raised, in a prison is where I spent most of my days. Chilling out, cussing and spamming my inmates, and shooting some children outside of the bar, when a couple of guys who were up to no good - started making trouble in the server. I got in one little fight, and the admin got scared, and said “You’re moving with your auntie and uncle in Ban-Land”. I begged and pleaded with him, he had the owner. He banned my IP and sent me on m- banned

Once upon a time: Gmod 13 crashed. Again.

Once upon a time there was an admin who discovered the rape swep, noclip, and cloak. Hence the ghost raper was born where his unsuspecting victims were 13 year old DarkRP kids who would entertain us with their screaming and yelling. Thus started a whole new era of raping until I removed the swep.