Garry's Mod stuck at launch

Garrysmod stops at the little window that says “Garrysmod preparing to launch…”
It will do the little loading dots as in . … … and then all of a sudden they’ll stop and the cancel button will fade and it won’t launch.

Hadn’t played since the new update, did that do it?


How can I fix this and are any of you having this too?


How long does it stay like that before you give up?

I’m going to see if it starts after like ten minutes or so. I give up in about 3 minutes.

Happened to me also. Randomly fixed after restart.

Try verifying your game cache? It could be a steam issue, not a garrys mod issue. Anyways, post the specs, they could always help.

Maybe it’s launching a lot of add-ons or modules at once?
Mine takes 5 minutes to launch now >.<



To your advanced launch options. If it doesn’t work, add a parameter for it (7 / 8 / 9)