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Hey, why it says ‘This category has no articles’

Garry i sent an important email and never got a reply :frowning:

Hi there, facing a few issues with GMOD.
First of all, yes, I am on a mac, OS X 10.8.2
I have also ensured that the files are “addon.txt” not “info.txt”
These are the only games I have on steam: CS Source, CS:GO and GMOD.
I have also tried reinstalling steam and all of the steam games.
I also tried verifying the integrity of game cache.
I’m missing the crosshair, and all the addons I’ve installed aren’t working.

Here’s how the crosshair options looks like. (taken when there was no addons installed, fresh reinstall of entire steam and games)

These are the addons I have, they were downloaded via github svn, from the list

Please help me out! Thanks in advance!

Im pretty sure all crosshair options are like that mine are too

Nope, its supposed to be like how it is on any other source game.

I’ve made a fix for the infamous Game is currently not available message. You can find it here.