Garry's Mod SVN Auto Updater 2.0


This looks very nice and very useful, will try this out.


Got an error when trying to update Total train model and sound pack.

"ERROR: OPTIONS of ‘’: Server certificate verification failed: issuer is not trusted (

Thanks, I’ll look into that!
(I did some code shuffing, probably forgot to move the SSL certs over)

Fixed it, Uploaded fix (You can just replace the GMASU.exe if you want to keep your settings in place)

Alright, works now. Another thing, if I delete an addon, but then want to reinstall it from this program, the program still thinks it’s up to date, and won’t let me redownload it

Right, I’m currently working on a solution, What OS are you running? - I’ve been told it’s a vista bug. (It’s to do with files not completely deleting :()

Nice program! Really usefull stuff in there! Thnx

This version is much better than the old one. No more annoying popups when I’m trying to watch a Youtube video while it updates.

One thing, tho, is that I think the window that details what it’s doing should automatically close after it finishes. But I’m not going to let something like that keep me from using this thing :smiley:

This is the best and simplest SVN addon I’ve seen, does it have all the SVNs listed on the GMod Wiki SVN list?, if so, you’re awesome :smiley:

I’m pretty sure it does, It contains 125 SVN URLs at the moment :slight_smile:


Will change that for sure, maybe a simple checkbox “Close window when finished”

Works really well, but needs a cancel button.
It also needs to be made so you can move the main window while the child window is open.

Btw Tezz, the GMod Tower SVN is a bit different. You need to check it out to your <STEAMNAME>/garrysmod folder, because it puts files in lua, particles and even in your main folder where hl2.exe is. I dunno if you can do a workaround for that.

Two other things it needs is a percent downloaded out of that SVN, and which number SVN it’s on (5 out of 10).

Percentage, although possible, Is a pain in the ass (It involves me grabbing a diff from the server as a list of changes and using that to determine how far along it is) - It adds complexity and slows down the code which is the main reason I didn’t add it.

I can do the latter though!

I’ve added a Cancel button (It’s not an immediate cancel as canceling an update halfway through can cause a hell of a lot of problems, It cancels when that particular SVN has finished) and made the form movable (The update button just disables)

-snip, it does :buddy:-

Nice work Tezz, still a really handy program to have.

This is better than tortoise IMO.

Glad you like it!

Almost ready for a full non-beta release, just ironing out bugs and optimizing! :slight_smile:

I downloaded this yesterday and had a look through it before I went off my PC, some of the features you included are pretty nice, such as the .svn folder removal. It will make virus scans and defrags that much more bearable :v:


I have had a couple of issues with the program after trying it.

  1. It takes years for the SVN transfer to even begin
  2. It created the addon folders in the wrong directory even though I set it as instructed
  3. The cancel button should really terminate the SVN transfer instantly instead of trying to let it finish.
  1. I’ll look into this!
  2. Got the name of a specific mod that did this? - I can’t seem to get the same issue? (And are you absolutely sure you selected the addons folder as the root? - Everything is done relative to “addons”)
  3. I’ll see what I can do.

Ok, cool. I think for some reason I had managed to pick the garrysmod\ garrysmod folder as root. Damn.

But thanks for looking into the other problems, some of them may just be errors on my end though.