Garry's Mod SVN Download [New]

Since my previous thread was kinda had a lot of “useless shit” listed on it I have decided to make a new thread based on it, simplifying it.

What does the website do?

The website downloads updated version of popular SVN addons, you can suggest your own addons if they’re not listed and available.

Do I have to download 200MB+ all the time?

No, Once my service is up and running and my host updates its subversion I will make available whats called “SVN Seeds” where you can use Tortoise SVN to just right click on the folder inside the zip and click Update/Checkout and it will download an up to date version.

Why should I use this service?

There will be two to three different downloads available when you’re picking an addon, basically You have three options:
Downloading WITHOUT .svn folders
Downloading WITH .svn folders
Download just .svn folders

Can I help?

Sure can, you can assist me with the following options:


I need bandwidth to supply the content available, if you wish to help me and want to give a mirror with a certain amount of bandwidth you’ll need to give me the following access:

SUB-FTP Account (Including Username, Password, Port)
If you wish to have the downloads url at somewhere like then you’ll need to give me the full FTP path to that folder.


Running a website isn’t free, I do need to pay my bills off, by donating you can get your websites banner/image included at our sponsors page also you help our website grow more rapidly.


I’d love to improve my website with your help, give me a message how I can improve this website and why.


If you’re a good HTML/CSS coder and you can whip me up a simple yet user-friendly template that I can use on my website, I’ll give you a copyright footer on the bottom of the page linking to your website and your banner on the sponsors page.

Leave comments below, pictures will be available soon

Thank you for this , i will probs use it for my server :smiley:


… when it comes out XD

How much disk space do you need?

Yes, I’ll be working as hard as I can on it and I’ll make sure my website hoster (XenonServers) can update their subversion.

I will continue work on this tomorrow, it is 3:11 AM atm and I have school in the morning.

Leave comments & suggestions below, thanks!

if you need any help , just pm meh

Am I missing something?

I’ll be happy to supply bandwidth.

Add me on Steam (Fleamonji) and we’ll talk :slight_smile:

Sickness Model Pack.

Sharpeye, Neroplanes, GDCW weapons, WAC, and HAWXADDON

OP, i pmed you about the hosting, pm me back if you want to use it or not.

I thought does exactly what you’re trying to do

It does

except Glua doesn’t have everything :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

I’m doing mine a completely different way, uses svn programs for mirrors while I have a main server which will upload files instead of forcing them to download the addons themselves.

Differences: - Checkout each time, Out-dated (4 hours update time), uses files for storage, weird looking website?

Mine - Updates if need be, Updates each 5 minutes to check if any addons are out-dated, uses mysql for information/mirrors and gives a fair go for mirrors by picking a random one instead of looping through.

I’ve been away 2-3 days due to me upgrading my hard-drive to 1TB and having much difficulties with getting a dead hard-drive on arrive.

I lost all my data etc but I’ve still got a nice backup of the website so I can work on all my stuff.


Sharpeye is quite useless for this, added Neuro Planes, GDCW Weapons, cant find WAC.

Wow, you’re rather misinformed. I’m gonna clear up some misconceptions you’ve been throwing around. Please refrain from talking out of your ass.


You’re basing this on my backup of my old scripts.

Let’s see, I’m being considerate to server providers by not poking their stuff every five minutes. And most SVN projects don’t update that often.

I’m not sure what else you’d use for storage of SVN downloads. If you’re doing your SVN storage in mysql, that’s kind of inefficient

Sure, It’s weird looking. It’s simple. Not exactly much fluff going on there.

Once again, you’re talking out of your ass.

and uh,

Good luck with that.


I take suggestions for SVNs

I’ll look into these.
SVN link is somewhere in there.

How am I talking out my ass, when I look for an addon download on your website it “loops” through your mirrors. Mine picks a random available one.


Hm, Given that I mirror GLua and monitor the logs, I can tell you now I don’t download the files each time, only when the archives change.

Even then I’m only getting incrementals.

I never said anything about uploading files to mirrors each time he checks out, I’m saying that everytime he checks out he will zip the file and compare the size to your mirrors filsize to check weither its changed or not.

I’ma do a system rewrite soon for it too… :confused:

Seriously guys? Arguing over whose SVN site is best?

Having two is great, let the users decide which to use and stop having petty arguments over which site has the best design…