Garry's Mod SVN Downloads

Useless information was here


So, this is still a 135.59 MB file we need to download from your site and then a 135.60 MB or something file we would need to (re)download for a quick fix SBEP would have made on revision 434? I don’t see much difference with

Also, I understand that someone can’t figure out how to use SVN (which is still pretty dumb considering the amount of tutorials there is on that) but if he cannot use GLua either, then he seriously needs help on how to use Internet…

No hes demonstrating a svn file for download in the image not the actual svn downloader file with is probably only 20-30mb look at the image more carefully.

What I meant is that we will still need to redownload the whole package whenever an update come out, and that’s actually what I see from the image.

No if you already have the package when theres an update it adds or removes changed files.

No, this still looks like it would download the entire thing. Exactly like The OP isn’t overly clear, his features are the features of a SVN program, yes, but if it is to work like a real SVN updater, where it would only give you the option of downloading the updated files, if someone was to miss a update, but get the next they would still be missing some files. Which is the fatal flaw it seems.

No, probably a first time download of the addon. We will find out on release.

It’d be easier in my opinion to just create a simple svn client that’s directed towards Garry’s Mod, there are so many SVN api’s out there.
No need for a fancy website.

Mine doesn’t re-download the svn over and over.

It gets all the folders of the addon, checks each revision then compares it to the remote revision (Where you download your addons from) then, if the revisions arn’t the same, it will update and re-zip the addon.

Once my host updates it SVN Client I will make seeds available for download where, Once you download the zip file of the seeds, you can place the folder anywhere and right-click update with it through tortoisesvn.

There’s nothing wrong with GLua and also the majority of what you listed in OP affects only you and the server, not the end-user.

Ahh. I forgot about the SVN patching system.

Cute, but isn’t abandoned. Just autonomous. :wink:

That avatar looks familiar.

May I say, you did such a poor job on that you can download its .sh files from:

None of your folders are forbidden from public thats kinda pathetic.

here have one of my update logs:

I see. You found my script backup from Jan 09, The scripts have been rewritten since then. Please observe the image below and call me back when you push mad bits.,57.38,1.75,508.55,22.38,165.27,224.55,35.94,11.93,7.64,8.97,4.82,0.26,0.53,0.13,0.13,0&chl=GCX,%205913%20MB|wire,%2058758%20MB|wire-e,%201788%20MB|phx,%20520752%20MB|SB3,%2022920%20MB|sg,%20169234%20MB|sbmp,%20229936%20MB|LS3_RD3_CAF_LS3E_BCA,%2036800%20MB|mckaysg,%2012221%20MB|SGA,%207826%20MB|GS2_RTS_Petrol_BHC,%209185%20MB|CDS3,%204940%20MB|,%20270%20MB|LS2RD2,%20540%20MB|sym,%20135%20MB|sbep,%20135%20MB|0&chs=900x200&chco=0000FF,993400,0066ca,CDCC00,0000FF,993400,0066ca,CDCC00

that really doesn’t have much point does it now?
Its google’s api, try doing one without it.
I won’t put the effort into doing my own one of that but I might make one of my php scripts work with google’s api.

i do admire your work with but i’ve improved it a lot.

I do myself, have useless features like logging, update logs, revision updates and such but they’re for the public and I honestly don’t care :wink:

But, I don’t want to be against because of a lot of its outdated addons but you do, have a lot of outdated svn’s on your website.

Here I did my own version of your pie graph using the same program:

Suggestions guys, throw me some suggestions.

If any of you know PHP you’ll understand the following:

I turned my custom functions into a class to save loading time on the website.

New log system as well here you go:

Accepting suggestions/information/bugs and such

another picture:

I accept mirrors if you wish,
Public availability to access the zip file through http protocol
(Supports pages such as: or ?id= etc)
FTP Username/Password/Directory/Port to exactly same position of Public availability

You can also give me a certain amount of bandwidth where I will never go over it (The mirror will be disabled until the end of the month)

If you’re interested I can add your image to the sponsors page.

How my mirror system works (differently to

  1. Grabs an array of AVAILABLE mirrors which have the same exact file as the local server
  2. Picks the best one for the user and gives them a session key and download link
  3. Once downloaded session key is killed and so is download link therefor no hotlinking
  4. Also logs how much bandwidth has been wasted from that download (i.e filesize)

I will offer mirrors, add me on steam.

<< Link is there.

Link seems to be dead.