Garry's Mod SWAT 4-ish "Remake"

First of all I suppose I should explain who I am in the Facepunch community.

I’ve pretty much only used the mapping forum since I’m a intermediate mapper, recently released this, and I’ve been mapping for a little over two years I assume. Anyway, on to my request.

A few days ago me and my buddy got bored in class, we both recently got SWAT 4 and were pretty stocked about it, so we decided to kind of make a “fun” kind of project regarding me creating a custom map for SWAT 4. It quickly changed into a Garry’s Mod map because I’m very familiar with the Source engine, and I like it a lot. Things got more and more serious and I have, as of now, a map mock-up of the level I’m going to design. It’s a hotel, to describe it quickly.

What I would like is, if anyone is bored and/or has nothing to do, if you could work on something that would be a bit like SWAT 4. It doesn’t have to be exactly like that, because that would simply take ages, all we need is the basics covered, this will be without teammate AI. What I need is the following.

Handcuffs - The handcuffs would have a timer so it would take roughly 1.5 seconds to actually handcuff the enemy AI
Random AI spawn system - I would simply need you to have the enemy AI spawn randomly so you can re-play the map without knowing where there is any sort of AI. You do not need to restrict them in any kind of way, I’ll do that with some NPC clips.
Optiwand - In SWAT 4 there’s a camera you can use to look around corners and under doors without exposing yourself. I’d very much like it if you could include this as well.
Picklock - The ability to picklock locked doors (Perhaps have doors lock randomly as well? If it’s easy and quick it would be nice, but it’s far from necessary. Consider it optional)
Breaching - By using C4 and/or a shotgun you would be able to knock down locked doors.
Hostages - A sort of civilian type of AI. He doesn’t really have to do anything but stand there and look scared.

Now on to the payment. I’m afraid at this current time I’d rather not pay anything. I tried to simplify the concept as much as possible, but I have no clue how difficult any of this is to actually create. Honestly, I don’t even need to have any sort of ownership of the mod, you can take this as a sort of guideline and create it for yourself and distribute it yourself, I’d just like to be able to develop maps for me and my friend. If nobody wants to do this for free I suppose I could pay something along the lines of 30-35$? I don’t know how much people usually pay but I don’t really want to go over that type of money.

Anyway, I hope someone would love to actually do this, because I think it’s pretty damn awesome :slight_smile:

You missed the hire thread.

I’ve been wanting to make a SWAT 4 gamemode for so long now, I have the programming knowledge to do it too, gmod 13 has been giving me trouble lately though.

My only concern, how would it work in garrysmod? All it would take is one guy to wreck a hostage situation…

Would be epic.

I’ll add you to Steam.

Regarding your concern… Well, I’m sure we’ll figure something out. It’s just a suggestion so I bet we’ll be able to figure out how to prevent just that.