Garry's Mod takes up too much memory?

Ok, I recently started having this problem Garry’s Mod.

It seems to take up almost 400,000K Memory when I start up a game.

I have to close down all my other programs usually when I load a game. Compared to how well I could originally run it, I barely have any mods and re-installing Gmod does not seem to solve the problem.

I have also noticed that when I have my browser open (usually, when its on Facepunch) It seems to take up over 100k Memory.

COuld someone help me with this? It’s getting increasingly harder to run a server.

For a game, 400,000k isn’t that much. My gmod usually is at 600,000. As for answer it would be that either you have some problem with your memory or, you got a bad computer/bad ram.

Hm. Ok, then. It seems to freeze while loading a lot more frequently than before, and usually it only works if I close extra programs.