Garrys Mod Tatical Combat

Ok everybody I been out for a while and just now getting back on so sorry for not posting replies and stuff.Im here to change the fact that the GMOD tactical combat thing is pretty much over to me. Im starting a new thing in Gmod. Its still Tactical(not meaning cloak generators and shields)and it is gonna be in a campaign made by me and some of my fellows. Its still WIP so were not done. Were also looking for some more people to become members in our group. Depending on who you are we automatically make you admin.
(Ill go into further details if you consider joining)
Add me on steam kingarsenal105

can i be a giant cat with lazer beams for whiskers


So in your eyes tactical realistic play means having cloackgens, shield generators and meches while playing on fort wars maps?

I’ve just seen everything.

It is realistic! Just only for the far future…

Is this tactical as in taking over russia with 2 sticks and a rock, or tactical as in tactical nuke?

So the world will change into fort wars?


Just put up the server and let us in :frowning:

You can make a shovel with these you know?

How do you make a shovel with 2 sticks a rock and a tactical nuke?


dig into russia’s presidential house
murder president
declare ownership

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The garrysmod section should be removed so that imbeciles like this don’t join and leak out in to the other sections.

use the rocks to kill animals for sinew

tie shard of metal from nuke onto stick

bam shovel

That’s how.

It took alot of time for these guys to figure it out.

But what about the nuke? Just launch it at a random country to have a laugh while you’re crafting?

The nuke is a 10 x 10 x 10 cube of TNT hollowed out and filled with creepers.

Was ich gerade las, war so dumm und nicht durchdacht, dass es mich vergessen, wie man Englisch sprechen. Vielen Dank für das, Dummkopf.

He means realistic as in Crysis realistic. So like a realistic damage system for a super soldier.