Garrys Mod Texture Colors Glitched?

Hi Everyone, my name is James (Airssoft123), Recently i have been having issues in Garrys Mod. It seems any Counter-Strike Textures are random colors (green/orange etc.) Here are some Photos:

I have re-installed C:SS and Gmod And Half Life 2 and i still get this!

Any help?

Thank You

My System Specs Are:
AMD Phenom x4 970 (3.4 ghz)
12 gb RAM
Nvidia Gtx 660ti

Did you also run CSS and HL2 after reinstalling? Did you download any addons from the workshop or from joining a server recently?

Yes i did, i dont have any addons, and i tried gmod in singleplayer also before joining a server and its things like Crates, Bathtubs which are texture different colors like in the photos!

I was asking because it looks like you have some kind of HUD addon but it could also be from whatever game mode you’re playing.

Bump I have the same Issue

Try putting -dxlevel 95 in your startup parameters.

It did not work.

Verify Garry’s Mod and CS:S

I Re installed both and verified and launched both to load files.

What graphics card do you have?

GTX 465

Bumping again.