Garry's Mod TF2 Gamemode Files (August 2011)

From what I’ve seen on threads about this i can say this Gamemode is dead but it doesn’t mean it cannot come back c:

If you don’t know what this TF2 gamemode is you should check this out: (Uploaded by wango911 i don’t take any credits for this)

There are many lua errors with this version but its the only version that i found and the newer one on the Internet (_Kilburn didn’t release the source code which is probably a newer version)

If someone has the time to fix this PLEASE DO, i fell in love with this Gamemode and i’m pretty sure many people did.

I’m trying to learn some Lua to fix this but it’s really confusing to me sadly…
I wouldn’t mind having atleast only one class to play with i just wish this would work on Gmod 13;
Good things never die and this one needs to live forever.

UPDATE 1: wango911 made a version that is pretty stable and fixed many bugs (I got permission from him, REMEMBER THAT THIS IS NOT FULLY FIXED!)

Basic stuff : Changing class requires you to use the console and typing “Changeclass [Name]”
To use hats or weapons you need to type in the console “Givehat [Name]” “Giveweapon [Name]” “Givemisc [Name]”

I for one would like to see this gamemode revived. I screwed around too much mowing Kleiner down with my minigun playing as the Heavy.

I uploaded this (and 1 other old version) in the hopes of somebody reviving the gamemode. I would fix it, but I don’t know Lua, I would love to learn, however, I’m not super patient when it comes to learning scripting languages.

I took the version posted here and fixed most of it. The particle effects are still broken though, and it’s very distracting when firing any weapon.

There is always someone working on this shit if you look hard enough…


I plan on completeling that (if I can figure out some animation stuff)

I’m testing JCw’s version and I think it’s looks really good. Aside from the broken particles, now I can rocket jump around in gm_bigcity with a smile on my face. Excellent work! :slight_smile:

Is this on the workshop? It should be.

Fixing some errors here and there doesn’t entitle me (or anyone else) to upload it to the workshop. This is still _Kilburn’s gamemode.

Oh, yeah. How do I change classes? F2 brings up the team menu.
Bacon legs! He lives!

Via the console, “changeclass [insert classname here]”, without quotes of course.

Out of curiosity, what could be done to fix the particle issues?

Also, how does the voice menu work?

You turn into a rocket and fly foward really far when you double jump and hold w :v:

So, are people still trying to fix this up? Really wish Kilburn didn’t drop the gamemode though.

Is there any way to fix the weapon muzzle particles? It is really annoying when you are firing a weapon.

Thanks so much for the Support guys, i love you all!

you could fix the muzzle flash issue by going into items_game.txt and adding this to all of them:
“muzzle_flash” “muzzle_(muzzle goes here)”
“tracer_effect” “bullet_(tracer goes here)”

Wango911 has made a new fixed version of the Gamemode it’s not fully fixed but most of the main things work, check the first post for download.

Hats and Miscs not working, only showed errors when spawned

Something to do with the path?

Were you playing with a friend?