Garry's Mod: The Advance

Mangshal is a city occupied by the Combine. Theres two former S.W.A.T. members who dosent have any resources left. Their mission is to advance to another resident to escape poordom.

NO this is nothing serious just a VERY VERY cool actionscene. Tons of explosions and flying rubbish. Also an awareness test. Keep your eyes open after “ghosts”. Hope you guys like it! Rate and make a comment please :slight_smile:

It was okay, too many explosions and deathnotices are ugh.

damn, that was awesome. must have taken awhile to setup

A lot of great effects, good job!

Awesome, Needs more explosions.

Props to you for not having your video taken down, despite the presence of hentai vending machines.

Could have used cl_drawhud 0

i had that… but that dosent cover the deathmessages and we didnt wanna tab out the game to look it up since we had over 700 props staged. hehe… but thanks that you all like it :slight_smile:

It was good, like I said in my YT post, but it looked like a gameplay video for something like Gears of War. The prop setup was just nothing short of amazing, but maybe try and make it a little more strategic in terms of directing. Looking at it, it was something like “Let’s set up a lot of props, run through it while blowing up almost everything known to man, and then go to a bar”. I know what you mean by “no story”, but the same camera angle throughout the entire movie really detracted from the experience. 6/10.

I really hate to sound like “that dick who is the only one that doesn’t like the video” or a troll. I’m sorry if I really offended you, I guess it just didn’t set anything off for me. Anyways, I hope to see more videos from you, hopefully with more camera angles :slight_smile:

Beautiful prop setup though.

The explosions were all rainbowy 0_o

Hehe its okay, you dont sound like a dick compared to what ive heard. “This is a disgrace to al the machinima makers” etc… LOL. It’s not even a machinima intended movie… We just turned gmod into an action game with what you just described. :slight_smile:

About the same camera angle we took inspiration from John Woo’s movies and The Protector’s Continuous Fight (Tom Yum Goong). Youtube that… It’s all about the cinematic feeling of running behind. :slight_smile:

Rainbow explosions, ROFL.

Okay. I’ve never seen any Woo movies, so I wouldn’t really know.

And I lol’d at some of the comments, including the one you quoted. People on YT got so pissed because it there wasn’t a lot of talking in it… I’d rather watch this than “Outland Absconders”.

Hehe yeah. I found those kinda boring… Also my major language is Swedish so my acting in english wouldnt be so nice with a whole sketch written :)…

That was fucking excellent. Mindless hardcore violence. Shame about the death notices and other bits of HUD still there.

Pretty cool, I like the use of garry’s bombs :smiley:

Also… Whats with the hentai pictures? O_o

Damn, that was great man. Loved the effort and originality. Just make sure to use hud_deathnotice_time 0 and cl_drawhud 0 next time. :wink:

What map is this?

Cool, but not the best gmod action movie ever. More like a fun tech demo in that sense than a movie, to be honest.

Kick Ass! Nice job man! keep it up