Garry's Mod: The Game show! FOR EUROPEANS! v2

Hello, I am writing this because me and many other people could not take part to the “Original” Game show because of the different time zones. So in conclution i have made a Gameshow for all the people that are Europeans and wish to take part. ** Credits To The Guy With The Original Idea - Glitchman ** So without much-ado (Think that how you spell it) Sign up here.

The Idea

Ok The Idea.There will be 3 contenders, 1 Presenter (Who Will ask questions), And The Price Giver . The goal of the show is to collect as many points as possible, after 3-5 Points the player is threw to the next round - That means a challenge. That may be Skill/Luck/Random


Start Time: (Set Up 7) 8 [GMT + 1:00] - ( When It Ends , Should not be more that 1 hour)

Server: I think about 8-12 people.

The SECOND show will be filmed on x
-A microphone
-Be at last 14(age)
-Have a sense of humor

The team

-WarRage - Recorder and Editor**-****
-CASUAL AUTIS - Builder / Ideas
-Campin’ Commander**
-TamiyaGuy - Host
**-****Zeritor - Builder / Ideas / Wire guy ?

THE X SPOTS MARK AVAIABLE STAFF SPOTS, You get credited for contributing


Player -
Player -
Player -


Spec. -
Spec. -
Spec. -
Spec. -
Spec. -
Spec. -
Spec. -
Spec. -

**The Orginal Gameshow Video’s **

Newest video :

                             [View YouTUBE video](             


I Have Permissionfrom Glitchman

Sing up now. The date when we will hold the show will be when all people are ready that is can come.

Contact me at Herthinho on steam

We’re in a need of a server.

Sounds like a pretty neat idea.

Is a microphone aboslutely necessary, because whenever I speak through mine my internet basically transmits static.

ALTHOUGH I have an idea of how to get around that. It involves Stereo Mix and Microsoft Sam.

Sign me up. :pervert:


As a player

Sign me up as a spectator

Sign as player, will need to know the date though.

Edit: I go by Zeritor in gmod. Might as well mention that I’m 20 and have a decent microphone.

I hope we actually do it this time. :v:

Can there be an audience in the background, because if so, I’m in.

Sign me up as a player dude…
Im all for the awesomeness of GAME SHOES


Sign me up as a player dude…
Im all for the awesomeness of GAME SHOES

Okay singed up and updated the server

Also i need to talk to you on steam to be sure your not just LOLLOL i want in plz sing up

I’ll play.

Fine, what’s your steam?
Mine is msmd.

Count me in as player.

My steam is Herthinho add me on it to talk
Also the show will be probably next week Friday Saturday maybe sooner maybe later who knows

My Steam is JohnRCC. I’ve already added you.

I have added you WarRage333, I’m Zeritor. (Atleast I think that’s what steam shows it as…)



Get on steam kthx

(User was banned for this post ("Image Macro" - Nori))

Added you.

Sign me up. Redgord 'ere.

sign me as spec and add me on steam, pm me if you want to

Updated the OP also my steam is in the OP now if you need to contact me