Garry's Mod: The Mod

Hai, guys.
I love to browse through the forums and stuff, but unfortunately, I don’t have Garry’s Mod.

Yeah, you just read it: a user that doesn’t have the game.

What the f**k am I doing here, then?

I want to download the mod, the FREE mod.
Is it still avaiable for download?

I’m poor, that’s why. My christmas gift was a Orange Box. For US$9,99.

Bye, love you all.

(I’m “poor”, too. I was gifted Gmod.)

Also, if you want the free version of Gmod, Google Garry’s Mod 9. Or find it on the HL2 section of FileFront. It doesn’t really compare to Gmod 10 (or 11, whatever you call it.) though.

Here you go, the version you want will be one of the 9.0, but they require CS: S to work. I’m sure if you Google around a bit you can find the non-CS fix for it.

You can’t afford a £10 game? How have you got a computer? Found it in a rubbish skip?

Just work for the those 10 dollars man, it’s worth it.

… Sucky sucky five dolla?

Times two?

Guise he is obviously trolling.
Wanting someone to gift him the damn game making us think he is “poor”

And your proof is where exactly?


No matter how poor you are, $10 // £5 is hardly a hit on your budget.

Meh, maybe he is not from UK like me. Buy it from sites like Ebay.
“Garry’s Mod Steam Gift” something like this.


…You can buy Garry’s Mod from any country. Steam doesn’t restrict it per region.

Guys! Gmod 9 is still available on steam!

No its not oO

It has the page but there’s no download.

orange box for christmas for almost $1000?

What? He said $9.99.

He put 9(comma (,)99)

Maybe download “Garry’s Mod (beta)” the svn, not sure it works without having the real Garry’s Mod tough.

It doesn’t. The svn is a Garry’s mod “mod”, which utilizes the content of Garry’s mod, although one should be able to run it without.
Just work for the 10 bucks, it’s worth it! And if you can’t afford it, your parents can’t afford it and your friends can’t afford it, you’re in a bit of trouble.

How sad it is to be that poor… no job will take you?
Wait, you have internet? but can’t afford a 10 dollar game?
Sorry if these are asshole questions but I don’t believe some of this.