Garry's Mod Theme Song?

What would you think is the Gmod Theme song?

Heres mine:
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Jesus Christ NO! That song is like for little kids.

I agree with Hakita.

Raged on the OP, agreed with Hakita.


i suddently thought of running in the 90s

I love Dope.
The band that is :ninja:


Smells Like Teen Spirit :expressionless:

Why did no-one think of this?

ahem Ravebreak :dance:

Oh my god :buddy:

Definately this

That would work so fucking well with Fretta.

I was gonna post this

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Ripping, making .bik, and making menu.

I got it as my startup music. But instead of one smiley ball as a background, I have TWO HUNDRED. EXPLODING OUTWARDS.

My startup music, because it’s cool:

Uploading garden party. Wait a minute.