Garry's Mod Theme Song?

Good god this does not go with my fallout 3 background ;_;

Bring Me The Horizon-Suicide Season

Prepare for a


Anyone mind posting that on

Little Less Conversation by Elvis Presly remixed by JXL?

How does screaming on a mic and slamming instruments have anything to do with gmod?

No but here you go:

Why would you even think of that?

Just wondering.

Because it has a cheery mood, and Gmod for me is a very cheery game

Uploading :smiley: Smiley ball…



Ohh the things I can do in 5 minutes…

I think this would work out better if it was the Gmod theme song



Benny Hill Theme


Where’s yo head at at at at at at at?

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Forget the video.

Fuuu…wrong one.Fix’d.

If Garry’s Mod were to have a theme song, I’d want either Blarsa or Larsa (Living Lars) to make it.