Garry's mod: Thrusters Crash

Hi all Facepunch users… :slight_smile:
I recently discovered in garry’s mod, The Thursters when i open it crashes…
i think the problem is in Wire addon… i tryed to remove Wire from addons and it works.
But wire, and thrusters are important…
i need Your help
Sorry for my bad english

PS: I know a little bit the .Lua script, beacuse i come from MTA (Multi Theft Auto) scripting

Thanks to all for help =)

Can sombebody help me? Or better… Us?

(Sorry for double post)

I have the same problem, please help us…! :slight_smile:

update wiremod?

You need to reverify the entity stabilisation triggers.

I tryed, same problem… where i can download the LATEST version of wiremod?

Oh god, not this thing again

Besides, I thought we agreed it’s the rasterisation validation module that you need to restart?

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Thanks Corky :smiley:

i have a similar problem with materials, when i scroll past a certain point the game crashes