Garry's Mod Time Achievement Demographic

You can only choose one option because if you’ve got one above another we can assume you’ve earned the previous :slight_smile:

I’m just interested in knowing who has actually gotten these achievements, I’m on “One Month” myself :(.

I have 556 hours of Garrysmod logged. Very few of them are after achievements.

Got one week here 2518.6 hours on record.


Wait a second, one month in hours is 730.4 hours, how do I not have that achievement?

I have over 2000 hours. I dunno why I don’t have the month one.

Seems steam isn’t reading my achievements correctly. In game it has it listed, along with my played with Garry achievement.


Breaking mah automerge Oogla

Sorry broski.

I have 566 hours total logged, but less than a week total after achievements.

First one to vote for just 1 day :v:

2003 hours. But my first two years of gmod were spent in single player, and some lua i had was stopping the timecount.

The game will only count from the date achievements were introduced, whereas steam will count from the beginning.

24 * 31 = 720 * 2 = 1440 * 2 = 2800

you didnt get month achievement becouse u played more than 1 month lol XP

There are 720 hours in a month.

Well he fucked up twice. Firstly, he didn’t need to multiply 720 by 2. Secondly, he multiplied 720 by 2 then multiplied it again by 2 for no apparent reason.

Can we reset our achievements with the achievement manager?

Yeah some archivements dont show propely. I had the "yes i am the real garry". Didnt even know i had it, i thought it was a troll when some “garry :D” guy joined.

One Week.

(inb4 someone with an achievement unlocker says they have Addict)

6028 hours



I know :frowning:

810 hours logged - I got the week achievement.

I idle a lot though, because of the time it requires to reconnect to a server after being AFK


and I think he was just trying to show how many months he REALLY played.

678 hours


Only one hour of which is multiplayer

What do you make all day?


I’ve played 505 hours, and it gets better every day