Garry's Mod Tower Hats

Hey, I just got GMod Tower and played it but everyones hats were big red ERRORs. I have all the games required, Counter Strike: Source, HL2: Episode 2, and Team Fortress 2, but still errors. Even some player models were errors and the chatbox was pink and black checkered. Help?

Download this and run it.

I am pretty sure I have already done this but I will do it again to be sure :slight_smile:

The updater will download everything you need automatically. The hats are located in the addon folder GMT2_Base. If there’s no model folder, there’s no hats.

Sorry, no luck buddy

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No, no models folder, but how do I get it is what I am asking because I have run through the installer 3 times now :pwn:

Our servers are pretty hammered right now from the Yogscast, which might be the problem. You can try an svn checkout, but other than that you might have to wait.