Garry's Mod ToyBox 2015-2016 (unoffical)

Contact info to upload item

This is an idea I had for a while were we as a community can work together and make a gmod toybox for 2015 and 2016

Stuff will be uploaded to workshop on 1st Jan 2016

i will add you to contributes if you give me your steam id example: and i will find you and add you to

only if you include it in the email


  1. Do Not Re-upload existing mods or old submits from toy box

  2. be original

  3. don’t just reuse counter-strike or half-life 2 weapons and make them have new propities

  4. Have Fun

How Do I Get Starred

  1. Click This Link for swep creator or

  2. Get Note Pad++

  3. watch tutorial *Note: this is not by me

  4. Make Swep save as in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\GarrysMod\garrysmod\lua\weapons\ or were else you put your gmod

  5. Test Swep in GMOD

  6. if works then send it to ad an attachment and include your steam id

how bout no

its just not for me its for the community not just me

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if more like the csgo workshop and tf2 workshop because

You should put more effort into your posts.

Kind of contradicting yourself there :v:

I don’t understand why there’s this cult following for a new toybox, all it’s going to be is a clunkier variant of the workshop with all of the shit addons that get uploaded onto the workshop. If anything were to happen regarding the toybox coming back, I’d rather it just be the exact old version with all of the old entities, maps, and weapons instead of just another version of the workshop with shitty addons overflowing from it.

probably because the toybox was apparently not full of shit (even though it actually was just as full of trash addons as the workshop is now)

Or we just use


what are we children
the real men use workshop

Why cant we all just use the workshop? Its more userfriendly then the removed toybox.