Garry's Mod Toybox in Garry's Mod 13/14

Well i created this addon to try to bring back the good old toybox from Garry’s Mod 12 and such.

Im in need of scripters, for free, i know thats a far fetched idea, but free scripters or any one with free time to work and elaborate on these things


  1. Instant Content Loading System. (icls). I know this can be done, for example, resource.addworkshop is for servers and makes users on join download and instantly mount content, also in dark rp, if you ever save something while the server is up such as the jobs file, it will lag the server, then it will echo to console that it reloaded fadmin. We need to find out how to instantly load things. Have an idea, like i said add me and work with me.
  2. Webhost and website designed using the exact toybox design. Or worst case scenario we have to reskin steam workshop and such. BUT ALSO, i could host it myself as i do with other web servers and email servers.But reskining workshop would be easier and it would eliminate number 3.
  3. Work on a way for people to upload addons/ or whatever to it, such as release an executable like the good ol workshopper that sends to the filespace and such.
  4. Detailed things, make it EXACTLY like how toybox worked right down to when you click an item and it does those icons at the bottom that move around, youtube searching gmod toybox would help.
  5. plenty of other things, contact me for more info by adding me.

If anyone does any thing, contact me, of course you get credit for doing anything and will be added to the addons contributers. But like i said this is supposed to be a free addon, not coderhire, nor do i want to end up paying for any script. So please dont ask for payment if you did something.

Obviously ive gotten in deep to something i can barely pull of my self, actually i cant my self. :suicide: I need help from the community!

AND if you can actualy code in either html/c++/lua then add me on steam to work with me and get more info dont add me and try to do little work just to get credit to this creation.

This is a great idea!

I personally bought gmod whilst the 13 beta was in full-motion and never got to experience the Toybox for long.

Im not sure this would help too much but i can supply sounds for some of the toybox items.

If people can provide code, I’d be happy fix up a bunch of Toybox stuff, but so far all I’ve found is a torrent with just maps/materials/models

The Great Niandra is torrenting :open_mouth:

I’d be happy to help with recreating/fixing Toybox content too. Niandra, was this the torrent that Garry provided? (If so, do you have the link, I can’t find it. :frowning: )

Nah, ive got the 36 gb torrent garry made of all the toybox conent. BUT of course garry didnt include the lua files which would have been nice to have them.

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The content is not at all an issue, just going to take all from workshop. The issue is how in the world am i going to make this addon fully. The instant content reloading and the general way im going to get content to download is a very difficult task. I can see doing what garry did for the dupes tab where he basically reskined workshops dupe section. If i can do that, write some local html files for it to use over the workshop, i could get one issue out of the way instead of hosting at all.

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Any insight is obviously greatly appreciated/

your assumption of what “torrenting” is shows where you learned it from.

I do honestly know what “Torrenting” is I just felt like making a Joke about it.

The tool box was one of my favorite features so I hope this works good.


No idea what this is since I’ve only owned GMod 13 post update but I’d gladly help with updating and what not. Or small things for the literal prpject.

This seems interesting. I don’t know; Toybox would be cool to bring back, but I have to say I still like Workshop a little better (although the retarded limits on addon size and # of lua files in-game are rather aggravating).

Good luck with the shiznit.

By the way, if you’re going to do this, you might need something like a CDN for hosting, mostly because this is an international affair (because it seems like there are hella Russians and Brits sometimes on my server), and a localized server in one region of a country isn’t going to cut it. I believe CloudFlare and Amazon both offer them.

If you’re wondering, a CDN is a Content Distribution Network, which are basically a bunch of inter/intranationally synced servers to get and distribute content from in different parts of a country/continent/the world. CDNs, being a multitude of servers by nature, have more redundancy than other setups and could help mitigate some (D)DoS attacks against this project, if they should so appear.

They are kind of expensive, so maybe starting a something of a Kickstarter-like crowdfunded event may assist in this whole thing.

If this actually goes through, there is going to be shitloads of traffic; no matter how great the backend is, bottlenecking is bottlenecking.

Good luck though.

It was a system where players can instantly download and spawn entities from the spawn-menu after developers have uploaded them. Here’s a video of garry demonstrating it back when it was being worked on:

That’s skateboard please tell me someone has it still!

i would be willing to help in my free time.

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Just make one it’s not hard man.

He’s doesn’t know a bit of lua last I checked, He only knows how to run a decent DarKRP server.

It would be nice to know the person before you rudely comment about them, I don’t run any DarkRP servers to many out there already and i have never met you nor have you ever posted on anything i have asked in developer discussion so what makes you so qualified to say I don’t know a bit a lua?

I was talking about Nickster :confused:

Sorry mate to many people saying stuff like that on this forum about people, i read it to quick thought you were referring to me.