Garry's Mod Toybox Multiplayer Comming Soon?

My friend told me this, is this possible, and is it true? It would be pretty epic if it is.

Well, it might be possible, but if one downloads something from the toybox, all the other clients would also have to download because else the prop/entity would be invisible or a blinking ERROR thing.
And second most server woners would deactivate the toolbox because of abuse.

that’s the closest we’ll get i suppose

Well I’ve been thinking… When you download something from the toolbox, it downloads it to the hard disk. There should be an option to remove some or all of these downloaded files. I know I could do it manually, but hey, I could also use a calculator to play tetris. Don’t need PCs lol.

on toybox, entities are named something like cloud_23823 or something iirc, so in multiplayer you might be able to make a hacky toybox loader using ent_create cloud_23823 or something

Toybox has to download everything for everything.

pfft hahahaa

**[Scripted ents.Register]( ents.Register)**

is the function you’re looking for creating toybox entities.