Garry's Mod Trailer

Hey, ok so I made a post in the PROPER place this time XD. so if there is anyone out there that is decent at making props, I need a trailer made (one that you tow behind a car). One that looks good and is about big enough to fit a Jeep inside. It MUST be enclosed with a ramp style door in the rear.
To get a basic idea: I’m Looking for basically a race car trailer.

I’m sorry kid. But HL2 already has a trailer-like vehicle called the Wagon, look for “wagon001a_phy”, spawn both that and a vehicle, rope the wagon to the back of your spawned vehicle and there you go.

Why dont u make it urself??? Gmod has toolz for all dat !!! XDDDDD

srsly though, use phx or something.

Well, let me explain my reasoning: I play on this server; I made a trailer but when i unfreeze it, it goes onto the wheels and almost drops to the ground. Hoverballs are not aloud and people like to pop my balloons :confused: I know the owner wuite well and he would install it if i asked him.

Try making a trailer in singleplayer then?

Seems that the weight of the trailer is weighing it down. Just use weight tool on the props connected to the wheels (and others if they seem to be sagging) and you will get a straight forward trailer, but increases weight in exchange of stiffness.

add me on steam and we can make a private room and ill show u some good ways makin a trailer… i always enjoy helping ppl make things that im good or best at doing… steam account is ebwarrior

Nevermind! I figured it out the wheels just have to be heavier than the vehicle or it will sag (or something like that… playing with the wheels weight fixes alot)

thanks for letting us know, after several months of waiting, we are all relieved to hear you solved your wagon problem.