Garrys Mod Trivia help, please!

I am making a trivia game show in garrys mod. So far it has turned out to be working quite well (except for the amount of minging…). The problem is that I’ve kinda run our of Garry’s Mod related trivia.

If you have anything you’d like to be added to the questions, please tell me one and PLEASE give a link to some proff of the answer being correct.

If you’ve got any other geeky questions, go ahead and post that too.

PS please don’t ban me. I’m very serious about this.


Here’s a few examples:

NSFW stands for what?
A: Not Safe For Work

When you start a game of Garrys Mod, you get preset weapons (and tools). Name the ones that didn’t come from Half Life 2.
A: PhysGun, Tool Gun, Camera

Sakaris88 created the Helicopter Vehicle, The Quantum Storage Device and the what?
A: RagMorph Mod

Finish this sentence: “Some classes are sleeping with your mother. The spy is…” what?
A: “…a dashing rogue!”

Sakaris created more than helicopter and quantum storage device, he also made that car mod and some magic sweps.

Waht do you call a annoying player? A MingeBag

What year was Gmod version 1 released?
A: 2005

How many achievements are there in Garry’s Mod?
A. 25

What’s the best addon out there?
A: Wire Mod and PHX 3

That is an opinion question with a never ending debate among different players

What does npc stand for?
A: I forgot, you can figure it out

Who was the original creator of Dark RP? Rickster
Who is the present lua coder of Dark RP? (FPtje) Falco
What was the Lua Virus which got players permabanned from servers during Spring of 09’? ESV Chrisaster Virus


Non-Playable Character.

Are you 14 or below?

Multi Answer…

Yes or no or i dont wanna tell

OP You do know that there already IS an Garry’s mod game show.

really? show me please.

I’m always up for a bit of shameless self-promotion! :buddy:

Although WarRage333 masterminded it.

And we haven’t done one in weeks.

OP, what does NSFW have to do with garrysmod?

nothing ,its a facepu-…well, a forum thing.