Garry's Mod Trouble in Terrorist Town Floating CSS Guns

Hello there, since the last GMod Update, whenever I play Trouble in Terrorist Town (In any server), I see an error in the guns clipping, making the guns seem as if floating when held. For some reason, this only happens to the Counter Strike Source guns in TTT, and not with the custom guns. I have tried a variety of methods to solve this problem, such as reinstalling CSS, Gmod, verifying cache, but to no avail. Thus, I have resulted to here, FacePunch, and I hope that one of you will come up with a solution to solve this irritating bug.

Screenshot in Link:
Notice the floating M16


Is it a really bad floating, or is it you having an OCD attack… If you could provide a screenshot that would be good.

that prob usually comes from the server not having counterstrike mounted

It was fine before the last Garry’s Mod Update, and it seems as only a certain number of players experience this bug as other players in the server currently do not experience this bug.

Bumping again in hope of more solutions

Does it really affect you?

Someone had the same problem a few days ago.

Here was his solution. I suggest you do the same.

tldr: Just go to your gmod models then weapons folder and delete all world models (Files beginning with w_)

Guys it’s not his fault. It was a gmod update that broke your hands so in ttt your hands are invisisble and your gun is floating. Tbh though I kinda like it more. Takes up less space on the screen

I have just tried that (The only difference is that my GMod folder is located inside my username, but I am using GMod SteamPipe), but sadly, the problem still persists. Any other solutions?..

Delete the folder in your username (or back it up somewhere) and reinstall.

Everybody should have common. Reinstall gmod and do it in Common

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Also, I don’t think we have the same exact problem, because mine were pointing forward all the time. This one is pointing to the side.

Nah, it is the same problem, but it just happens that in the screenshot I provided, from my viewpoint, the gun was sticking in his side. I don’t think reinstalling GMod will put it in common?

It will. If the folder is in username currently and there isn’t one in common, delete the one in username and reinstall.

Okay, I have just reinstalled Garry’s Mod and it is now in the Commons folder. However, the problem is still there and I still see the misaligned/floating guns, with the addition of invisible hands due to the most recent Garry’s Mod update.

EDIT: Reinstalled for a second time and it looks like the problem is finally fixed.

Okay, I just played GMod again and it seems that the problem with the floating/misaligned guns is now back, with the addition of invisible hands (When holding the gun) and colored players (Eg. Blue-bodied terrorist). Looks like fully reinstalling, with the addition of deleting all of my GMod files did not work. Anyone else know any solutions to this irritating problem?

A. Play on an Updated TTT Server, (Garry’s Community TTT is a big name one, so it should work there)

B. If this does not solve the problem, uninstall counter-strike, delete the folder in the Common folder, and re-install.

C. Verify the integrity of the game cache on both Counter-Strike and Garry’s Mod if this does not solve the problem.

D. Wipe Steam completely (delete SteamApps) and re-install everything. If this does not fix it, then I’m going to say it’s a problem with your GPU or a conflicting addon that you reinstall/a config issue.

And when you reinstall, for the love of God please disable Steam Cloud Synchronization. It’s solved three issues that I’ve been helping people work out for the past two weeks.