Garry's Mod TTT CS:S Weapons

Ok, so I have a gmod server and I love to play ttt. So I want to have all the CS:S weapons on it other than the ones installed by default I have seen addons and followed their instructions on how to install it, but nothing works does anyone know how to actually install the CS:S weapons such as the traitors awp, tmp, aug, famas, etc.?

You can either get them from the steam workshop, or grab a preexisting weapon on the server to use as a template, like the m16 or mac10, change the models/name/sound etc

That’s the thing I have looked at the workshop, but I don’t know what folder to install the guns into does anyone know?

Go to:

In there there will be lots of folders. Take the shared.lua from them and place them here:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\GarrysMod\garrysmod\lua\weapons

Tell me if this works.

Every time I put another one in it says do you want to overwrite the file

Or do the right thing and actually buy CS:S. It’s a great game.

I have CS:S I saying how to I get the CS:S weapons on my gmod ttt server?

On the TTT website there is a tutorial on how to make weapons for TTT. They have an example AK-47. Just replace the model with a css model and change the stats.